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Forton Medical Centre

Whites Place
PO12 3JP
Telephone: 023 9258 3333
Fax: 02392 601107


Forton Medical Centre

Forton Medical Centre is a large, purpose-built, two-storey building with 9 consulting rooms and 4 treatment rooms on the ground floor. It is on a large site with parking for 34 cars including 5 disabled bays. If the car park is full there is a large, free, public car park adjoining the practice. We are one of the largest practices in Gosport and welcome patients from the majority of the Gosport area.

  History Of The Forton Medical Centre


Transforming Primary Care in Gosport – what have local people told us

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete our recent survey. Almost 1,400 local people completed the survey which sought your views on local GP services. These are being used to help us ensure GP services meet your needs.

The survey results, independently analysed by Hampshire Healthwatch, and further independent feedback sought by Healthwatch are available in a detailed report on their website at Highlights include:

Who replied to our survey?

The survey was completed by almost 1,400 people. Of these:

  • 78% of respondents are female
  • 3% of respondents are 24 years old or younger, 52% are 25 to 54 years old, 38% are 55 to 74 years old and 7% are over 75 years old
  • 34% have a long term condition
  • 19% care for dependent children and 8% are responsible for caring for a parent/friend/relative
  • Every Gosport practice had responses from patients registered with them.

What did they say about when they feel they need to be seen on the same day?

Most of those who responded said they would feel confident seeing a GP other than their own (83%) or an experienced nurse (68%) but less than half would feel confident seeing a pharmacist (40%). The key themes for lack of confidence were people perceiving pharmacists as not as qualified as their GP or nurse and some only wanting to see their GP.

The majority (82%) said they would be happy to be seen somewhere other than their own practice if they needed a same-day appointment.

What did they say about when they need routine advice or care?

43% said it is reasonable to wait four to seven days for a routine appointment with 36% saying one to three days. This was reflected in the responses from those with a long term condition.

35% feel they should be able to book a routine appointment three or more weeks in advance with 33% saying one to two weeks. This was also reflected in the responses from those with a long term condition.

Most feel confident seeing a GP other than their own (86%) or an experienced nurse (77%) with 46% saying they would feel confident seeing a pharmacist. The responses from those with a long term condition were slightly different but with most saying they would feel confident in seeing a GP other than their own (82%) or experienced nurse (73%) with 42% saying they would feel confident seeing a pharmacist.

The majority (80%) would be happy to be seen somewhere other than their own practice if they needed a routine appointment. The response from those with a long term condition was lower at 75%.

What did they say about when a loved one they care for needs care or advice?

There were differences in responses from those with a caring responsibility with 68% caring for an adult saying that person would be happy to see a GP other than their own and 59% an experience nurse. However, 87% of those caring for children said they would be happy to see a GP other than their own and 77% an experienced nurse.

82% of those caring for a child said they would be happy to be seen somewhere other than their own GP surgery. This was different to the responses from those with a long term condition (78%) or caring for an adult (66%) which showed less would be happy to be seen somewhere else.

What did they say about how they are seen?

93% would be happy to be seen by another healthcare professional if advised to. 55% would be happy to do so if advised by their GP with 38% happy to do so if advised to by their GP or practice receptionist. The majority of those who would not be happy to be advised by a receptionist said this was because receptionists are not qualified to give this advice.

76% would be happy to talk to a healthcare professional over the phone and about 34% said they would be happy to used Skype, email or a web-based consultation.

71% would like GP practices to provide services earlier in the day and 93% said they would like them provided later.

95% would like any GP services provided at the weekends to be on Saturdays and 80% on Sundays.

67% would like all of the GP practices across Gosport to manage their appointments in the same way with 30% saying they don’t mind/know.

Developing a new way of offering same-day appointments – what do you think?

Did you know that most Mondays the 11 GP practices across Gosport typically receive 700 phone calls for a same-day appointment? This means that the GP practices need to make sure they keep enough appointments each day for those patients that need to be seen as well as providing routine appointments that patients can book in advance.

We know that local people can find it difficult to get routine appointments and, from the survey results, that they are happy to travel to see a different GP or an experienced nurse. Taking this feedback into consideration the GP practices have been working together to see how same-day appointments can be offered differently, to ensure everyone who needs advice or to be seen that day is offered the support they need. It will also help local people to be able to book the routine appointments they need.

Following lots of discussions and considering the feedback from local people the GPs are exploring setting up a same-day appointment service. This would be based at Gosport War Memorial hospital which is accessible by local buses and has car parking available, and run by local GPs, nurses and practice staff.

Patients would phone their GP practice as normal and, if they select the same-day appointment option, their call will be put through to the same-day service and answered by a local receptionist. The receptionist would take some basic details from the patient and then arrange for an experienced nurse or GP to call them back. Patients would be called back in order of clinical priority with the nurse or GP having a detailed conversation with the patient. This could result in the patient being given advice on how to take care of themselves, arrangements being made for the prescribed medication the patient needs to be available at a local pharmacy or the patient being asked to come in to see a GP or nurse.

We know there are some patients who will not be able to travel to the service at the hospital and arrangements can be made for them to be seen at their own GP practice on that day.

We would welcome your feedback on this idea and how we could offer local people same-day appointments in this way. If you have any thoughts, ideas or concerns that you would like us to take into consideration please email so we can collate all of the feedback we receive. Please mark your email ‘Same-day appointment service’ in the subject box. The deadline for feedback is Friday September 4.


Transforming primary care in Gosport

Gosport practices have been under increasing strain with a growing demand for services in primary care, the inability to recruit GPs to work here and a number of GPs retiring in the next five years. 

In October 2014, NHS Fareham and Gosport Clinical Commissioning Group (the CCG) facilitated a workshop for all eleven practices, community providers and voluntary organisations to discuss common issues and challenges and agree a way forward. 

All eleven Gosport practices have agreed for a central service pilot to manage same day appointment requests to be implemented this winter to manage increasing demand, provide better patient care and make better use of the existing workforce in Gosport.

Current Arrangements for same-day appointments - patients telephone their registered practice to request a same day appointment and staff working at that practice would deal with the request accordingly.

Proposed change to same-day appointments - four practices have agreed to pilot this central service. They are Brune Medical Centre, Forton Medical Centre, Stoke Road Medical Centre and Waterside Medical Centre.

The service will provide both same day telephone triage and face-to-face appointments and will be located at a hub at the Gosport War Memorial Hospital. GWMH was chosen for its central location for both patients and staff, and to co locate the service with other community providers/services.


  • Patients requesting a same day appointment will call their practice as usual
  • The receptionist will take some basic details from you to facilitate the triage process and agree for a health professional to call you back
  • Patients will be called back in order of clinical priority following initial review by the triaging clinician
  • This will result in a telephone consultation and potentially the offer of an appointment either in the hub (or the practice) to be seen by a relevant health professional.

The service is expected to start in December 2015.

Using SystmOnline at the Forton Medical Centre, you can now book your appointments online and order your repeat prescription, all from the comfort of your own home.  Also by 31st March 2015 you will be able to access certain information in your medical records online.  This will be an extension to the existing online appointments and repeat prescription service.

Please note that when booking an appointment online you can choose either a 5 minute telephone consultation or 10 minute face to face appointment.   If you choose to book a telephone consultation DO NOT come down to the surgery as the doctor will ring you at home and the consultation will be done over the phone.

  It is important you provide a telephone number (type this in reason field) when booking a telephone consultation to enable the doctor to ring you

If you would like to use our online appointment & prescription service you will need to register with us first. You will need to come to the surgery in person with identification when we will issue you with a username and password. Once you have been registered by one of our receptionists, please click here to activate your registration. You will need your registration letter for activation as this contains your own unique user name and password.

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